We put our name to it. The name Gasparoli is a guarantee of the quality of the work we do and speaks volumes of our experience, innovation, prestige and authority.

Restoration looks to the future.

Restorers by vocation

From father to son, from grandfather to grandson, the men and women of the Gasparoli family have passed down their skills and know-how, as well as the art and techniques of restoration and building maintenance. Together we’re continuing a mission that reiterates our responsibility and duty to preserve beauty and hand it down to future generations, to nourish the eyes and soul of the men of today and tomorrow.

Custodians of beauty

We look after the built heritage. For this reason, we feel a particular responsibility towards society and future generations. The quality of our work is guaranteed by a consolidated, balanced system of traditional techniques, technological and digital innovation, specialised procedures, careful checks and expert personnel.

Work in progress

Here are some of the main sites we’re currently working on. Click on the photo to find out more about what our restorers are doing to return them, fully restored, to their owners or to the general public for its enjoyment.